Helpful Advice For Estate Planning

Estate planning can be crucial to ensuring that your assets are handled according to your wishes, minimize potential taxes and fees, and protect your loved ones from potential disputes or complications. It's recommended to consult with an estate planning attorney or financial advisor who can guide you through the process and help you create a plan that aligns with your specific goals and...

What to Consider When Buying a Manufactured Home

Manufactured homes, (mobile homes or trailers), are homes fully constructed in regulated factories and built on a fixed, steel chassis (rather than a permanent foundation). These mobile homes offer a lot of freedom and flexibility on a friendly budget for many individuals and families.

Single vs Double Wide Manufactured Homes

Buying a new house requires a lot of time, effort and research. For those that are in the market for a manufactured home, they may find themselves contemplating between a single wide and double wide home. The mobile home market is plentiful and there are differences between the two. Is a double wide better than a single wide? Can you upgrade an add-on to both types of manufactured homes?  Things to...

Manufactured Home Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

Springtime is here! The season for pollen, interior cleaning and exterior maintenance. This is the time of year when we freshen up our homes inside and out. Mobile home maintenance is the best way to keep home value up, building equity for the future. Good maintenance also ensures the safety and comfort of your home year round.

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