5 Inventive Ideas to Spruce Up Your Mobile Home

Looking for some ways to give your mobile home a refresh this spring and summer?

Home projects can be a bit daunting to tackle, but the end results are always worth it! There are several things you could do to your home to give it a new look, one of the most common is to repaint. A new fresh color can change the entire look and feel of your manufactured home.

While painting your home is a good first step, there are a few other more creative ways to liven up your home. Why not add a new metal roof? Or switch up the front door to something more unique? If you’d prefer to spend money on something that will not only add to your home’s exterior appeal but also provide additional living space, try a large front porch addition. Last but not least, bring in the plants!

Repair & repaint the siding

Selecting a new paint color for your home can be a little scary. Should you go bold with something bright that stands out? Or should you keep it to a neutral tone that fits in with any theme you choose down the road? What colors are your neighbors’ houses? It is important to check and see what colors are permitted within your mobile home community before you get going on this project.

Upgrade Your Metal roof or awnings

Metal roofs and awnings are not only beautiful to look at and durable, they also add to the value of your mobile home. This may be an investment worth considering as it could payoff down the road.

Unique front door & matching architectural accents

Most community homes have the same door type. The most that homeowners do is paint them a different color or perhaps add a festive door knocker or wreath. Change things up! A new unique front door with matching architectural accents can really give character to your home. Depending on your choice, it can also drastically change the overall look and feel of your home.

Porch additions

Another project that will add value to your home, the addition of a large front porch. Front porches on manufactured homes can help make them appear to be more like a traditional home. They extend your living space and provide an area to entertain family, friends and other members of your community. With so many porch styles and deck color stains to pick from, the options are endless. You can really customize your deck to be whatever you want.

Get creative with plants

Flowers and shrubbery add depth, texture and color to any living area whether it be indoors or outdoors. If you are thoughtful enough with your plant selection and planting locations, you can round and smooth out the traditional box shape of mobile homes. You may find inspiration for landscaping by driving around your manufactured home community, taking note of other homes’ greenery that you like.

 Make it your own style

Any or all of these ideas can help give your manufactured home a makeover allowing it to really stand out in the mobile park community. These additions can be enjoyed by you and your neighbors. This is the year to give your home the “pizazz” you want. Just make sure you check your community’s guidelines on what they will and will not allow. Happy projects & planting!

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